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Our Story

Handmade. By Us. Just for YOU!

Have you ever had a hobby that you enjoyed so much, you wished it could be your job?

Well, that's the short version of our story.

There was a desperate need for products that didn't contain allergens, carcinogens, and other harmful agents.

It was time to stop wasting money on store bought, which was convenient, but was also causing physical skin and respiratory symptoms!

These events launched the research of DIY resources for these beloved items. The initial search was not done with the intention of selling any of the items crafted. At least not until after getting requests from the gift recipients of those early handcrafted natural candles, soaps, body, and oral care products.

We love that we have the opportunity, and pleasure, of providing our customers with bath and body care and home  décor produced with natural ingredients which are responsibly-sourced, never tested on animals, and smell amazing! Most of our packaging is recycled. And...many of our containers are reusable once emptied. For more information on the cleaning process, just ask us how!

Spa Boxes are now available in our online boutique! We will soon be adding aromatherapy massage candles, as well as Artisan candles; poured into unique vessels, decorated with dried herbs or flowers, and each uniquely crafted to make your gifting experience one that your recipient won't soon forget.

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